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Thanks for responding, I'm doing XC and taking care as best as I can. Keep on running, I hope the flow finds you again. x

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Glad to hear you decided to do cross country.  Hope you continue to stay healthy and have a great season. 

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It’s come to my attention that I neglect this blog badly.  I never intended for any of this to happen.  I’ve kind of lost a chunk of motivation to keep running.  I’m not saying I’ve stopped running/caring, just hitting a rough patch.  I plan on being back on track shortly.

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Hi, I don't have a tumblr, but I keep your blog bookmarked, bc track is life. I was reading your story I just want an unbiased opinion from someone who understands running& injuries. I'm starting my senior year in hs and I don't know if I should do XC. I have a good chance of getting into my top 2 schools through track (I'm a sprinter 1/2/4) and my coach thinks I'm doing XC. He's the coach for both sports, but I am undergoing phys. therapy for some obscure knee injury. What do you think?

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I am sooooo sorry that if I haven’t responded to this.  I never received a notification that this was sent.  This may be too late, but I would first talk to your coach about your knee injury.  Since he is both the coach of xc and track he should know that you are recovering from a injury.  I had a similar situation happen, but I never went to physical therapy for my knee injury.  I just made sure I did enough stretching and preventive care to make sure it didn’t get worse.  I would say even though I didn’t think doing cross country was going to help me that much in my sprinting, it actually gave me a lot of stamina that I needed.  It also helped me set a good base for myself before the winter.  I am flattered that you have this bookmarked even though you do not have a tumblr account :).  Once again I am very sorry if this reply is too late.  The last thing I would want you to think is that I ignored you.

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